New York Trip: Your Canceled?….

I dont know why this stuff keep happening to me but what can I say it’s another story to  tell.

I was so nervous leaving for New York and seeing family I hadn’t seen in years. My father and I a left the house at 430am that Saturday morning for a 730am airplane departure.
We were going to my aunt’s 90th birthday. Nobody knew we were coming so it was a surprise ( I thought it would be but somehow a little birdie got the word out, lol) I didn’t realize how anxious I would feel until that morning when I literally got off the wrong exit for the Raleigh Durham airport and had to circle back around to park in the right terminal.

Bag check was crazy because we had to pay $50 to check 2 bags with Delta. Still nervous, going through security and waiting to board the flight. Thank goodness the flight was good because I slept like a baby all the way through. We landed safely got a cab that cost $$$$40.

We were off to stay at our reserved overnight room stay at Aloft hotel in Harlem, ny, my old stomping ground. But to my surprise we had a reservation that was canceled. Yes canceled. What do you mean my reservation was canceled. I never called and canceled a reservation. Look again in that computer of yours. Your canceled. At this point I’m boiling mad inside. I’m looking through my email for expedia reservation confirmed but she still has the nerve to say we were cancelled and on top that  of sold out. Mind you my father is not a young man and can’t take all this walking and changing hotels you know what I mean.

What are we suppose to do now. She ends up giving us a referral to another hotel further downtown, the Marrakech hotel which cost a arm and leg for a one night stay.

We take a $10 cab to the Marrakech hotel and they tell us we can’t check in until 3pm. Its 11am at this point. Another blow… plus we had to walk up 2 flight of stair just to get to the room.

marakech hotel
Marrakech Hotel on 103rd & Broadway
marrakech hotel
Moroccan style

We decided that we have to make the best of this trip while we are here.

We rest for a while and then got dressed to leave.

It was amazing. My Aunt looks fabulous at 90 years old. I saw and took pictures with family i hadn’t seen in years. And i felt so comfortable that i walked around barefoot (i gave my feet and heel a rest).

Me and the birthday girl!


Mr GQ celebrating his sister 90th birthday
The 3 amigos
Another Mr GQ, my cousin


My aunts 90th birthday made the trip a success. I would definitely do it again just to experience the family love.

Once we got back to the Marrakech Hotel me and my father talked for hours (it was a bonding experience that i will also cherish).  That next day we got early to arrive at Laguardia airport for our flight headed back to Raleigh.

I can say that New York itself has gotten worst in my opinion. It seems to be overly crowded and congested. Although I was born and raised in New York i can that I was soo glad to land safely back in North Carolina.

Do you have a nightmare hotel reservation experience too? How about just your most recent New York experience? Share your story!!




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