Want to start traveling more? Get A Passport and Real ID!

I have been wanting to travel outside of the country for years and the first time I did was to the Bahamas where I had to use my birth certificate back in the 90’s. Now a days I have decided to be more fancy and legit and finally get a passport. I know it took me a long enough. Right? LOL


So my reason for get the passport was my need to go out the country and visit  Haiti last year. I thought the process would be short sweet and to the point but of course not. Not everything is. I knew nothing about getting a passport until the day that I walked into the local post office and saw passport application for me to fill out.  While I’m here, i thought why not just grab an application to get the ball rolling. I took the application home. It literally sat on my dresser for 1 month before I got a chance to fill it out. What can i say life takes over.


Once I filled out the application and then  call to reserve an appointment, which took another mont,h i was all set now to get my documents and money together in order to board a plane going to any destination on my itinerary. That day i took a half daY from work to head over to the downtown area of smithfield,nc for my appointment. Any other time I could have made an appointment at a nearby post office but had a conflicting schedule.


I can remember the day of my appointment it rained and I took one of the ugliest pictures because that won’t allow you to smile whatsoever. They mean business. LOL.


6 weeks later here it is!!

Im ready! Lets go!

Now that I do have a passport i feel so well traveled, even though I haven’t really been anywhere out the country but the Bahamas and Haiti. Having a passport definitely gives you status. Forget a birth certificate.. Im just kidding..haha.


Now next on the itinerary is getting the Real ID star on my driver license which will  allow me to board commercial flights within the US. It goes into effect in 2020 and a lot of  states are already participating in this new federal program feature, Including North Carolina.  If you like to travel out the US a lot Florida has already made it effective. I say Florida because usually the lay and connecting flights are in Florida. And if you like to travel and vibe within the states you will need the REal ID for sure.


Do you have a passport and Real ID?





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