Time to level up?..

Fill in the blank. Being plain jane all my life has gotten me ___________.


For me The natural look for me is played out. It’s time for a different look that may involve a little makeup. I never really was in to make up like that but have recently figured it’s time for the grown woman to step her game up. I have been playing around with some mascara, color lipstick for a little bit now but want to go all out by visiting Sephora. The last time i visited Sephora was a few years ago. I know…so embarrassing. I bought some lip gloss but never went back because makeup is honestly an expensive luxury item  to have, I have sensitive acne prone skin, and don’t know two bits about applying makeup. I have no excuse now because I can learn everything on youtube when it come to applying and can go to a dermatologist to control my acne prone skin.


Since my new found interest in wearing makeup I have grown to love a red lip. It adds such pop to my face and outfit. I have even received more attention then the usual makeup free face. I can actually really start loving this attention…


What are the ways you have leveled up?





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