The Big Move & Adjustment: From NY to the Carolina’s

So I moved from new york to north carolina almost 3 years ago and i absolutely love it . I decided to make the transition after my parent moved here 3 years earlier before i did. My father would make the long distance call wanting me to move here and find work. Id say i was lured in a way lol. I was just getting to know brooklyn and loved it so far after moving from Harlem. The restaurants, museums, shops and everything else that make brooklyn cool. How can i leave that to live in the country surrounded by nothing but trees. But wasnt i surprised by what living here meant for me.

So i made the decision to move. Once I moved from new york to north carolina i can say honestly that it was hard for me to adjust. It took a while. Like a year. I wasnt working, didnt have my own transportation, i instead had to wait on my father to take me around, no friends. I was depressed for a while until i was able to get on my feet. When i say on my feet i mean working fulltime with a steady income, having my own car and able to get around, and new friends. My first job was working part time in a retail store until I found something better. I was so miserable because it wasnt enough money to get by and also i worked with a group of coworker swhere i felt i didn’t fit in with. I was laughed at because i was different. I carry myself well, im not interested in laying around smoking weed to feel better about myself. They would ask what i do for fun and i would say something as simple as swim. That’s completely foreign to them and they didn’t understand. You wouldn’t believe how happy i was to leave when i was hired fulltime to work for the state. I had finally made it out of there.

Now that i am fulltime i can do the things that i want to do. As a single woman , it was time to now to get out and about and meet new people with goals and ambitions like me. I started my own meetup group on the meetup app where i now host and organize events in the raleigh/ durham area. The whole focus of the group is to living your best life by ways of travel, exploring new restaurants and food, music festivals and concerts and much more which happen to be in the raleigh/durham area of north carolina and beyond. My goal is to highlight things to do and places to go in Raleigh/Durham area ad beyond. Anybody else who decide to also move from new york to north carolina or just plain visiting the area will know hot spots to go to. I have met some good girlfriends so far. I’m still single but trying to put myself out there to be scooped up. As a sorta newbie I have recently been exploring the area of Raleigh /Durham .

Love it so far.





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