Am I Road Trippin’?!

I definitely got a story to tell about my experience going to the beyonce concert in Maryland with one of my best friends in North Carolina, Patricia!

So we bought our tickets  months in advance when Beyonce & JayZ ( gotta mention him cause he WAS there too lol) first announced they were going “On the Run II”. We bought our ticket, booked Hilton Hotel overnight stay in the downtown DC area and rented a 24 hour car 2 days before leaving.

That Friday I requested off from work because we were set to leave that early morning. By the time we picked up the car and got on the road it was like 11am. There was traffic all the way so we didn’t get into downtown area of dc until 430 or 5pm.


Of course once we are in the downtown area of dc there’s no where to park so we see a sign for $16 rate 24 hour parking lot. We drive in and see the attendant who was quick to take my money and at the same time tell us that if we decide to come back to get the car it will be another $16 to park back in the lot. We now had a decision to make while in our hotel room after finding out it will cost us $50 to park at the FedEx Field stadium. No free parking. I know, this trip is starting to add up already!!


So we are dressed ready to go and decide lets take an uber where we don’t have worry about also driving in traffic. The uber arrives in front of the Hilton gardens hotel and it takes us a whole hour to get to the stadium. Matter a fact the traffic was soo bad that me and patricia and i notice others just getting out the car to walk the rest of the way to the stadium.

Following the crowd we were then stop by one of the guards who says to me that my pocket book is too big to get in the stadium. I’m like whatever what he said to me i didn’t really take seriously just didn’t want to take seriously because we came all this way from north carolina to see beyonce and nothing’s gonna stop us.

Well we were sure stopped at the gates lol. Cause she told us directly you not getting in here with that pocketbook. But you can buy a locker for 50 bucks if there not all taken. Ok where are the locker. She points all the way to the other side of the stadium. So yeah more walking. Half way there a lady stops us to say there are no more lockers. What the hell are we gonna do now??!!

I looked around and saw people scattering and trying figure where to put the pockets. One lady hid hers in the bushes. I meant she looked like she still had all her stuff in her bag and hiding it in the open, in the bushes. I would never lol. At least be discreet about it.


What we rather do was hide our empty pocketbooks on the inside of electronic car charger lol. And I emphasize EMPTY   cause we took all our valuables OUT.


We got in!!

Yup we got in!
The stadium was lit


The concert ended around 11:30 pm and we rushed out in order to beat the crowd but of course they caught up. We went back to the same spot and out bag were gone. STOLEN.


What else can go wrong but waiting for an uber for 2 hours. Yes 2 hours. We got back around 3am and had to get up at 5am to get the rental car back by 10am.


That morning ready to get back on the road but the 24 hour parking lot was closed. The redundancy. I know. It took a hour to get the car back after much yelling at management. I look back and I  just laugh about it.


What an experience! I love having a storyline!! LOL


Tell me your road trippin experience.

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