New York Trip: Your Canceled?….

I dont know why this stuff keep happening to me but what can I say it’s another story to  tell.

I was so nervous leaving for New York and seeing family I hadn’t seen in years. My father and I a left the house at 430am that Saturday morning for a 730am airplane departure.
We were going to my aunt’s 90th birthday. Nobody knew we were coming so it was a surprise ( I thought it would be but somehow a little birdie got the word out, lol) I didn’t realize how anxious I would feel until that morning when I literally got off the wrong exit for the Raleigh Durham airport and had to circle back around to park in the right terminal.

Bag check was crazy because we had to pay $50 to check 2 bags with Delta. Still nervous, going through security and waiting to board the flight. Thank goodness the flight was good because I slept like a baby all the way through. We landed safely got a cab that cost $$$$40.

We were off to stay at our reserved overnight room stay at Aloft hotel in Harlem, ny, my old stomping ground. But to my surprise we had a reservation that was canceled. Yes canceled. What do you mean my reservation was canceled. I never called and canceled a reservation. Look again in that computer of yours. Your canceled. At this point I’m boiling mad inside. I’m looking through my email for expedia reservation confirmed but she still has the nerve to say we were cancelled and on top that  of sold out. Mind you my father is not a young man and can’t take all this walking and changing hotels you know what I mean.

What are we suppose to do now. She ends up giving us a referral to another hotel further downtown, the Marrakech hotel which cost a arm and leg for a one night stay.

We take a $10 cab to the Marrakech hotel and they tell us we can’t check in until 3pm. Its 11am at this point. Another blow… plus we had to walk up 2 flight of stair just to get to the room.

marakech hotel
Marrakech Hotel on 103rd & Broadway
marrakech hotel
Moroccan style

We decided that we have to make the best of this trip while we are here.

We rest for a while and then got dressed to leave.

It was amazing. My Aunt looks fabulous at 90 years old. I saw and took pictures with family i hadn’t seen in years. And i felt so comfortable that i walked around barefoot (i gave my feet and heel a rest).

Me and the birthday girl!


Mr GQ celebrating his sister 90th birthday
The 3 amigos
Another Mr GQ, my cousin


My aunts 90th birthday made the trip a success. I would definitely do it again just to experience the family love.

Once we got back to the Marrakech Hotel me and my father talked for hours (it was a bonding experience that i will also cherish).  That next day we got early to arrive at Laguardia airport for our flight headed back to Raleigh.

I can say that New York itself has gotten worst in my opinion. It seems to be overly crowded and congested. Although I was born and raised in New York i can that I was soo glad to land safely back in North Carolina.

Do you have a nightmare hotel reservation experience too? How about just your most recent New York experience? Share your story!!




Haiti: 3 things I learned about Myself

I never thought that i would be going on  a trip to haiti but when my friend Illean bought up the opportunity to go for her weekend birthday with a bunch of girls i jumped all over it.  A girls trip was what i needed. I hadn’t been out of the country in years or on a real vacation on a beach in 5 years. I know, it’s sad, so i needed this vacation. I was asked to invite others but whenever i said Haiti everyone looked at me like i was upside down. Why Haiti?


I even asked myself why Haiti. It’s not really the most talked about vacation spots in the world but i thought it would be a great opportunity to experience a different country, meet new people, eat great food,tan on the beach and surround my myself with the ocean.


Up in the Air noticing the hills and mountains
The ferry ride to the island… OMG my legs need too much sun. so pale
Beach bummin… Cause you know i need the sun


So I left on a thursday evening and returned home Monday evening. It was a short well worth trip where I was suprised to a few things about myself that I never realized before, all in a different country.


  1. The people you travel with can make or break your trip experience if you let it. When I was invited by Illean to go to Haiti she was the only person I knew . The remaining 4 girls were here friends and I did not know them. One of the girls I bumped heads with a few times but I was proud that i didn’t allow it to ruin my trip. The old Caroline would have definitely cried about it as opposed to taking from it that I am soooo sensitive but at the same time resistant.                                                           
  2.  I don’t like alot of sarcasm from people . It makes me look at the person as if they are deep down hurt and they taking things out on me. I take things very personal but found that  although i am sensitive when I feel someone is attacking me I can be a savage and clap back at them (my defensive mechanism).
  3.  I feel fortunate and grateful for what i have. I never realized that the people of Haiti were that poor. I would look out the windows of the airport van and see the little girls walking through a street filled with trash while in the school uniform with the ribbons in her hair to match there uniform but also know that there are no jobs once the people finish school. The people honor the simplest thing that we can take for granted such as having to hand wash there own clothes and hanging them along the side of the road to air dry for the new week. By the countryside the people do appear to be happier because they are surrounded by water, nature and miles of open land. The views can be beautiful.


Have you been to Haiti? What was your experience like?





Time to level up?..

Fill in the blank. Being plain jane all my life has gotten me ___________.


For me The natural look for me is played out. It’s time for a different look that may involve a little makeup. I never really was in to make up like that but have recently figured it’s time for the grown woman to step her game up. I have been playing around with some mascara, color lipstick for a little bit now but want to go all out by visiting Sephora. The last time i visited Sephora was a few years ago. I know…so embarrassing. I bought some lip gloss but never went back because makeup is honestly an expensive luxury item  to have, I have sensitive acne prone skin, and don’t know two bits about applying makeup. I have no excuse now because I can learn everything on youtube when it come to applying and can go to a dermatologist to control my acne prone skin.

kisses Xoxo


Since my new found interest in wearing makeup I have grown to love a red lip. It adds such pop to my face and outfit. I have even received more attention then the usual makeup free face. I can actually really start loving this attention…


What are the ways you have leveled up?





Want to start traveling more? Get A Passport and Real ID!

I have been wanting to travel outside of the country for years and the first time I did was to the Bahamas where I had to use my birth certificate back in the 90’s. Now a days I have decided to be more fancy and legit and finally get a passport. I know it took me a long enough. Right? LOL


So my reason for get the passport was my need to go out the country and visit  Haiti last year. I thought the process would be short sweet and to the point but of course not. Not everything is. I knew nothing about getting a passport until the day that I walked into the local post office and saw passport application for me to fill out.  While I’m here, i thought why not just grab an application to get the ball rolling. I took the application home. It literally sat on my dresser for 1 month before I got a chance to fill it out. What can i say life takes over.


Once I filled out the application and then  call to reserve an appointment, which took another mont,h i was all set now to get my documents and money together in order to board a plane going to any destination on my itinerary. That day i took a half daY from work to head over to the downtown area of smithfield,nc for my appointment. Any other time I could have made an appointment at a nearby post office but had a conflicting schedule.


I can remember the day of my appointment it rained and I took one of the ugliest pictures because that won’t allow you to smile whatsoever. They mean business. LOL.


6 weeks later here it is!!

Im ready! Lets go!

Now that I do have a passport i feel so well traveled, even though I haven’t really been anywhere out the country but the Bahamas and Haiti. Having a passport definitely gives you status. Forget a birth certificate.. Im just kidding..haha.


Now next on the itinerary is getting the Real ID star on my driver license which will  allow me to board commercial flights within the US. It goes into effect in 2020 and a lot of  states are already participating in this new federal program feature, Including North Carolina.  If you like to travel out the US a lot Florida has already made it effective. I say Florida because usually the lay and connecting flights are in Florida. And if you like to travel and vibe within the states you will need the REal ID for sure.


Do you have a passport and Real ID?





The Big Move & Adjustment: From NY to the Carolina’s

So I moved from new york to north carolina almost 3 years ago and i absolutely love it . I decided to make the transition after my parent moved here 3 years earlier before i did. My father would make the long distance call wanting me to move here and find work. Id say i was lured in a way lol. I was just getting to know brooklyn and loved it so far after moving from Harlem. The restaurants, museums, shops and everything else that make brooklyn cool. How can i leave that to live in the country surrounded by nothing but trees. But wasnt i surprised by what living here meant for me.

So i made the decision to move. Once I moved from new york to north carolina i can say honestly that it was hard for me to adjust. It took a while. Like a year. I wasnt working, didnt have my own transportation, i instead had to wait on my father to take me around, no friends. I was depressed for a while until i was able to get on my feet. When i say on my feet i mean working fulltime with a steady income, having my own car and able to get around, and new friends. My first job was working part time in a retail store until I found something better. I was so miserable because it wasnt enough money to get by and also i worked with a group of coworker swhere i felt i didn’t fit in with. I was laughed at because i was different. I carry myself well, im not interested in laying around smoking weed to feel better about myself. They would ask what i do for fun and i would say something as simple as swim. That’s completely foreign to them and they didn’t understand. You wouldn’t believe how happy i was to leave when i was hired fulltime to work for the state. I had finally made it out of there.

Now that i am fulltime i can do the things that i want to do. As a single woman , it was time to now to get out and about and meet new people with goals and ambitions like me. I started my own meetup group on the meetup app where i now host and organize events in the raleigh/ durham area. The whole focus of the group is to living your best life by ways of travel, exploring new restaurants and food, music festivals and concerts and much more which happen to be in the raleigh/durham area of north carolina and beyond. My goal is to highlight things to do and places to go in Raleigh/Durham area ad beyond. Anybody else who decide to also move from new york to north carolina or just plain visiting the area will know hot spots to go to. I have met some good girlfriends so far. I’m still single but trying to put myself out there to be scooped up. As a sorta newbie I have recently been exploring the area of Raleigh /Durham .

Love it so far.





Am I Road Trippin’?!

I definitely got a story to tell about my experience going to the beyonce concert in Maryland with one of my best friends in North Carolina, Patricia!

So we bought our tickets  months in advance when Beyonce & JayZ ( gotta mention him cause he WAS there too lol) first announced they were going “On the Run II”. We bought our ticket, booked Hilton Hotel overnight stay in the downtown DC area and rented a 24 hour car 2 days before leaving.

That Friday I requested off from work because we were set to leave that early morning. By the time we picked up the car and got on the road it was like 11am. There was traffic all the way so we didn’t get into downtown area of dc until 430 or 5pm.


Of course once we are in the downtown area of dc there’s no where to park so we see a sign for $16 rate 24 hour parking lot. We drive in and see the attendant who was quick to take my money and at the same time tell us that if we decide to come back to get the car it will be another $16 to park back in the lot. We now had a decision to make while in our hotel room after finding out it will cost us $50 to park at the FedEx Field stadium. No free parking. I know, this trip is starting to add up already!!


So we are dressed ready to go and decide lets take an uber where we don’t have worry about also driving in traffic. The uber arrives in front of the Hilton gardens hotel and it takes us a whole hour to get to the stadium. Matter a fact the traffic was soo bad that me and patricia and i notice others just getting out the car to walk the rest of the way to the stadium.

Following the crowd we were then stop by one of the guards who says to me that my pocket book is too big to get in the stadium. I’m like whatever what he said to me i didn’t really take seriously just didn’t want to take seriously because we came all this way from north carolina to see beyonce and nothing’s gonna stop us.

Well we were sure stopped at the gates lol. Cause she told us directly you not getting in here with that pocketbook. But you can buy a locker for 50 bucks if there not all taken. Ok where are the locker. She points all the way to the other side of the stadium. So yeah more walking. Half way there a lady stops us to say there are no more lockers. What the hell are we gonna do now??!!

I looked around and saw people scattering and trying figure where to put the pockets. One lady hid hers in the bushes. I meant she looked like she still had all her stuff in her bag and hiding it in the open, in the bushes. I would never lol. At least be discreet about it.


What we rather do was hide our empty pocketbooks on the inside of electronic car charger lol. And I emphasize EMPTY   cause we took all our valuables OUT.


We got in!!

Yup we got in!
The stadium was lit


The concert ended around 11:30 pm and we rushed out in order to beat the crowd but of course they caught up. We went back to the same spot and out bag were gone. STOLEN.


What else can go wrong but waiting for an uber for 2 hours. Yes 2 hours. We got back around 3am and had to get up at 5am to get the rental car back by 10am.


That morning ready to get back on the road but the 24 hour parking lot was closed. The redundancy. I know. It took a hour to get the car back after much yelling at management. I look back and I  just laugh about it.


What an experience! I love having a storyline!! LOL


Tell me your road trippin experience.